Proverbs 27:17

We aren't meant to do life alone; find your community!
Connect Groups help you to grow in relationship with God and our Faith Chapel Family. 



Led by Perry & Niki Goodrich
Last Sunday of each month, 1pm | at Faith Chapel
This group is a monthly luncheon focused on growing in the relationships God gave us and building them together!


Led by Michelle & Duane Dedrick
Tuesday, 6pm | at 100 Treeland Circle, Syracuse, NY
This group explores the theology of healing in the name of Jesus! We use the curriculum from Randy Clark's book, Authority to Heal.


Led by Perry Goodrich
Tuesday, 6pm | at Faith Chapel
This group gives a foundation for men to grow spiritually and relationally (with God and each other). We stand to support each other and serve the church. The first group is Oct. 4th!

Building a firm foundation

Led by Vince Aquilino
Tuesday, 6:30pm | at Faith Chapel | RIOT Room
This group focuses on building a solid foundation for our faith and walk with Jesus Christ! You will be equipped and made ready to stand in the day of testing!

The essential Guide to Healing

Led by Lyn May
Tuesday, 7pm | at Faith Chapel | 
This group equips you with practical training for healing. We use the curriculum from Randy Clark and Bill Johnson's book, The Essential Guide to Healing.

Prophetic COmpany

Led by Pastor Lori Tyler & Bill Burgmeier
2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7pm | at 5135 Harris Road, Camillus, NY
We are all called to prophesy! This group will help you to develop your prophetic gifting to build up the body of Christ.

Women's Bible Study

Led by Dorothy Tilden
Wednesday, 10am | at Faith Chapel
This women's group gathers to study the Bible. We also utilize different books to further our study. 

Men's Study Group

Led by Thom Russell & Joe Burgmeier
Wednesdays, 7pm | at Faith Chapel 
This men's group comes together to study the Word of God and it's application to us today.

Read THE bible!

Led by Dee Murakami
Thursday 5pm | at Faith Chapel | In the RIOT Room
In this group, we will read through and use cross references to study the Gospel of Mark. Essentially, we will learn how to dig the treasures out of God's Word!

teach us to pray

Led by Sara Lee & Pastor Lori Tyler
Thursday, 5:30pm | at Faith Chapel | Prayer Room
This group uses the book, Teach Us to Pray, by Corey Russell, to learn about and activate you in prayer and intercession.

psalm 31

Led by Kevin Lee and Paul Stasier
1st and 3rd Thursday, 6pm | at Faith Chapel
This group explores God's divine protection based off of the promises we find in the Bible. We use the book Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth.

Young Men's Group

Led by Erik Anderson
Every other Thursday, 7pm | For location, text or call:
This young men's group exists to love God, share in each other's struggles, and grow together in Christ. The first meeting is Sept. 29!

Bible Study

Led by Tony Monto
Friday, 7pm | at 207 Long Branch Rd. Liverpool, NY
This group is a bible study that focuses on latter days, or the end times.

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