young adult internship

Our Young Adult Ministry internship track exists to prepare you to lead or support a young adult ministry in the local church.  During your internship, you will receive the chance to both observe and learn from the pastoral team, as well as serve through teaching, preaching, and many other duties with the young adult ministry.

This internship will teach you:

1. The inner workings and leadership of a young adult ministry.

2. Young adult ministry outside the church (i.e. small groups, bible studies, out of church events, relationship building, etc.)

3. Young adult ministry inside the church (i.e. lesson planning, bible study prep, teaching, building relationship, connecting, etc.)

4. Discipleship in a local church context.

5. How to overcome ministry challenges.

6. Effective public speaking.

throughout the internship, you will experience:

1. A strong, lasting relationship with our pastoral team

2. Intentional discipleship throughout the internship

3. Motivation to grow in your personal walk with the Lord

4. Hands-on, practical ministry opportunities

5. Encouragement and opportunity to complete agreed to internship goals