Dear Applicant,
We are so glad you have taken an interest in joining our worship ministry here at Faith Chapel! We believe that worship is much more than coming together to sing a couple songs on Sunday.

Worship is a lifestyle!

(Romans 12:1, Matthew 15:8)
Worship is not what happens on the stage, but rather a heart posture that every area of our life flows from. Whether in a corporate or private setting, the position of our hearts in relation to God and those around us is the most important part of worship ministry. We also believe in giving God our best in excellence, whether that be in ability, skill, sacrifice and/or offering. We are looking to build up worshippers that worship in Spirit and in Truth!

Worship  Team  APplication

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If you are applying for vocals, please complete the following prompts.

If you are applying for the worship band, please complete the following prompts.

Should my application be accepted, I hereby agree to the Statement of Faith approved by the Elder Board of Faith Chapel and agree to honor the standards and expectations of the Faith Chapel worship team including attendance at weekend services and scheduled rehearsals, dress code, and maintaining a growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I also agree to pursue a godly life (in accordance with scripture) in public and in private, and to remain accountable to my worship leader(s) and pastors. I understand that personal information included in this application will be held confidential by the professional staff and worship team leaders.