media/tech internship

Our Media/Tech ministry internship track exists to equip you to effectively lead a local church media and technical teams. During your internship, you will receive the opportunity to learn how the media and tech teams are a crucial part of the church ministry.  The world is continuously becoming more technical in all aspects of life.  Interns will have the opportunity to add to and improve what is already happening in these areas as well as learn from procedures that are already in place.

This internship will teach you:

1. The inner workings of the media/technical team and how they support the local church from Sunday and throughout the week.

2. Administrative and organizational team building/leading

3. How to build a healthy media/tech team

4. Strategies to maximize media/tech within the ministry

5. How to overcome ministry challenges.

throughout the internship, you will experience:

1. A strong, lasting relationship with our pastoral team

2. Intentional discipleship throughout the internship

3. Motivation to grow in your personal walk with the Lord

4. Hands-on, practical ministry opportunities

5. Encouragement and opportunity to complete agreed to internship goals