inner City/Street ministry internship

Our Inner City / Street Ministry internship track exists to equip you to strategically bring hope and healing to a city through evangelism. During your internship, you will receive the chance to both observe and learn from experienced ministry leaders as well as serve people in our city through sharing the gospel, power evangelism, meeting basic human needs, and many other duties

This internship will teach you:

1. Discipleship in inner city evangelism addressing the whole person - body, soul, and spirit.

2. Adaptive evangelism strategies based upon the audience and need.

3. Effective follow-up that seek to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

4. How to build an evangelistic team and an evangelistic community.

5. How to overcome ministry challenges.

throughout the internship, you will experience:

1. A strong, lasting relationship with our pastoral team

2. Intentional discipleship throughout the internship

3. Motivation to grow in your personal walk with the Lord

4. Hands-on, practical ministry opportunities

5. Encouragement and opportunity to complete agreed to internship goals